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ICO Informations:

ICO start price:0.00000100BTC
ICO total supply:150000000TCT
ICO amount: 150BTC
Token Symbol: TCT

ICO Rules:

1- ICO will be live for 14days in Livecoin exchange
2- Token will be sold at the same price to avoid high price fluctuations
3- 50% From sold amount will be posted in the same price (refund wall), this refund buy wall will be active for 4days
4-Traders can't trade in TCT token before the end of the ICO
5- Unsold token will be Burned after ICO end
6- Bounty and Airdrop will be paid after the ICO, by BTC

Frst Responsive Timeline 7 September
Frst Responsive Timeline

ICO Start

ICO start in Livecoin Exchange, livecoin admins will manage the twecrypto token's sell operations, traders can only buy the token, and trading will not be available until the end of the ico after 14 days. if all the supply has been sold, trading then can start.

Frst Responsive Timeline 21 Sept..
Frst Responsive Timeline

Trading Start, Refund Wall

After ICO ends, 50% of total sold tokens will be deposed in the same price of buy order (for refund reason), and the trading will be available

Frst Responsive Timeline 25 sept..
Frst Responsive Timeline

Token Burn, ICO End

If the total supply was not sold completely, it will be burned after four days( of the ico's end) from the ico's end and the refund wall will disappear.

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