Social Media Revolution Platform

Twecrypto is the new social media revolution, based on blockchain technology and giving to users many abilities and features





- Why Twecrypto ?

Easy To Use 
Using the latest social media technologies
Fast And Responsive 
Optimised structure make Twecrypto easily accessible .
Secured Wallet And Transactions
Ensured by web security specialist and controlled by C.E.H
ICO’s Booster
Twecrypto is made specially for ico’s to make their advertisement and get social
Blockchain Technology
All transactions are traceable and security is enhanced
WEB 2.0
The latest web technology

Powerful ICO Admin Panel

With twecrypto admin panel, you can easily manage all posts, users, pages, groups related to your ICO, with a lot of tools and features

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Grow Your Business And Money

Twecrypto is the new technology allowing to ICO’s to get more social, share their ideas and projects and boost their sales strategy

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Instant messaging

This option will be very helpful and important and will play the role of support to give more confidence to clients by talking more about any ICO project and give theme more information

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Send and receive cryptocurrency

Tywecrypto is the first social media in the web allowing users to send and receive bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and any coin on the web. This transfer method is highly secured and controlled by web security specialists.

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Some Cool Stats

Social Media With Cryptocurrency Wallet

Twecrypto Cool Features

RTL Support

Social Login

Friends & Follow

Photo Albums

User Privacy

Save Posts

Live Chat


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Frst Responsive Timeline


Frst Responsive Timeline


Frst Responsive Timeline

Frst Responsive Timeline September 2018
Frst Responsive Timeline

ICO , Exchange , DEMO

- Start the ICO sell
- Exchange Listing
- Social Media demo live

Frst Responsive Timeline 2019
Frst Responsive Timeline

ICO page realization

- Twecrypto ICO pages will be avaible for users
- Publishing Twecrypto official App in PlaysStore and AppStore

Frst Responsive Timeline Q1 2019
Frst Responsive Timeline

Crypto map realization and twecrypto windows messaging programe

- Developping the Twecrypto official MAP

- Publishing the Twecrypto official instant messaging software for Windows and MAC

Frst Responsive Timeline Q2 2019
Frst Responsive Timeline

ICO Payment service , Twecrypto messaging app

- Devloppers will be able to sell their token in the ico page ,Control the payment methode and chose the accepteble coin for payment

Frst Responsive Timeline Q3 2019
Frst Responsive Timeline

Twecrypto messaging app

- Official launch of twecrypto messaging App in PlayStore and AppStore

Frst Responsive Timeline Q4 2019
Frst Responsive Timeline


- Developping the website security and responsivity

Frst Responsive Timeline Q4 2019
Frst Responsive Timeline

Make Cryptocurrency more easier for user

-Make twecrypto more accessible and international by making partnerships with utility companies like travel providers, debit card providers, etc.

Frst Responsive Timeline Life Time
Frst Responsive Timeline


- We will not Stop developing and make the cryptocurrency more accessible and easier for user

Privacy and Security

Providing best security solutions is our top priority. You can fully control who can follow you, send you message, post on your timeline, etc.

Full API included

Build amazing application using our full API system. So you have the ability to Login with Twecrypto on other sites.

The Team
Bataouche Abdelrahim
Office Manager
Abderraouf Bouchouk
Office Manager
Youcef Ouali Ameziane
Office Manager

Why Twecrypto ?

  • Easy to use 
  • Fast and responsive 
  • Secured wallet and transactions
  • ICO’s booster
  • Blockchain technology
  • WEB 2.0

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